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Our Core Values

Quality Work...
demonstrated through accuracy and timeliness.

Proper Advice...
based on technical expertise and sound business principles.

Proactive Service...
geared to provide opportunities and solutions.

Effective Communication...
aimed at setting and fulfilling expectations.

The Pension Specialists, Ltd. Boardroom

Our Processes

Plan Design, Administration, and Review

Our expertise in plan design and setup assists employers in creating retirement plans that meet their numerous business objectives. Among our experienced staff are an in-house ERISA attorney, CPAs, investment analysts, Qualified Pension Administrators, and additional specialists with countless hours of retirement planning education. Given frequent changes in business law, our proactive staff are driven to provide ongoing and strategic plan reviews and a continuity of services aimed at meeting each employer’s goals.

Employee Education

Providing appropriate and meaningful educational assistance for plan participants can be challenging and costly for both employer and employee. We're experts at providing general education curriculums that cover plan participation, saving for retirement, diversification, asset allocation, tax deferral advantages, and risk/return concepts. Our after-hours group meetings, online education, frequently offered classes, and voluntary and flexible enrollment help you control costs by avoiding work shut-downs and lost production.

Fiduciary Support

The law requires that plan trustees, as fiduciaries, fulfill certain obligations to ensure that plans meet all governmental requirements. Fiduciaries are judged not solely on the outcome, but primarily on the processes they use to fulfill these duties. We provide strategies and tools to assist in the documentation process. Plan Documents, Summary Plan Descriptions, and Investment Policies are a few of the instruments we create to enable fiduciaries to fulfill their responsibilities.

Investment Reviews

Fiduciary duties require that investments be reviewed periodically to ensure that plan offerings cover a broad range, are suitable for plan participants, and have been prudently investigated. We assist trustees and investment advisors in the documentation of such reviews by providing relevant investment option information arrived at through discussions, evaluations, and decisions covering such options. Investment review options include ERISA 404(c), investment array review, investment policy fund evaluations, fee reviews, and fund monitoring.

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